The Academy of Continuing Education (ACE) at Sunjog Group offers classroom and on-line courses to suit your needs and train you to be progressive and always stay ahead of the competition in your profession. Sunjog Group presents a range of online continuing education courses for real estate, insurance and mortgage professionals that can be completed in a very simple and convenient manner.

To Sign Up

  1. Please give us a call at 416-805-5940 or email at info@sunjog.com OR
  2. Sign up online – You just need to go to our website www.sunjog.com and select the course (from ORDER COURSES menu item) and pay for it. You will create a password of your own and the id will be created automatically by the system and emailed to you immediately. You can start after that. Please let us know when you complete the course and we will issue the certificate.

Here a complete list of courses. Please call me for any question.

  1. Business Ethics – 3 hours Personal Skills
  2. Building Entrepreneurship – 5 hours Management
  3. A Guide to Business Strategy – 5 hours Management
  4. Efficient  Marketing Management – 6 hours Management
  5. Fundamentals of Social Media and Content Marketing – 6 hours Management
  6. Business Accounting Concepts and Ratio Analysis – 5 hours Management
  7. Other Approved proved courses .
  1. Microsoft Word XP – 6 hours Personal Skills
  2. Microsoft Excel XP – 6 hours Management
  3. Microsoft Outlook XP – 6 hours Personal Skills