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Sunjog Group offers Real Estate Council of Ontario approved Mandatory Continuing Education courses. We have classroom /hands -on courses.With the Real Estate Management Program, you’ll not only earn credits but also discover ways to lead your real estate organization through periods of market and industry change, examine land valuation and market demand, and manage projects across vendors, suppliers, and capital sources.


What Is a Course Credit ?

A course credit (often credit hour or just credit) is a unit that gives weight to the value, level or time requirements of an academic course taken at a school or other educational institution. In Canada, credits can be earned at the end of a course. Earning a credit depends whether a person passes the course or not. A certain number of credits are required to graduate any obedience. The credit system is similar in Canada as the one used in the United States with trivial variations.Please call at 416-724-5940 to discuss schedule and book your Course Today or you may E-mail us at

Pack of 3-Any combination of courses Totaling 18 credits   (18 Credits)     $200

RECO Approved Courses
S No. Course Credits Price Order
1 Computer Basics and Windows  (6 Credits) $99.00 Order Now
2 Microsoft Word (6 Credits) $99.00 Order Now
3 Microsoft Excel (6 Credits) $99.00 Order Now
4 Microsoft Outlook (6 Credits) $99.00 Order Now
5 Microsoft Access ( 6 Credits) $99.00 Order Now
6 Microsoft PowerPoint (4 Credits) $80.00 Order Now

Pack of 3-Any combination of courses Totaling 18 credits   (18 Credits)     $200

These courses will benefit professionals in everyday life and let the participants utilize computers on a wider work related area. We will be supporting signed in members both on telephone and through e-mail.

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